How to Hack Facebook Account

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If you are one of the more than a billion Facebook users you probably caught yourself thinking at least once: what it would be like to hack Facebook account of someone you know, look through his private photos, read private messages and, in short, have complete control over the account. Facebook Hack tool is used exactly for that purpose, to hack Facebook account of designated person and allow you to explore it, change its content, including changing the password to effectively deny access for previous account owner, or completely shutting it down. Facebook Hack tool can easily enable all of this for you.

Facebook as social network service

Facebook is, in short, the world largest social network service. After more than 10 years on internet, Facebook has overgrown its original purpose and limits, and became the power that connects the world. In this moment there are more than a billion active Facebook users, with another 200 million so called “fake” accounts which are either doubles or abandoned. There are many different Social network services competing with the Facebook, like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr or others. But Facebook has more users than all other social network services added together. Its unique features are designed for easy sharing and fast communication, using written word or pictures and videos. Facebook service made its debut on February 2004, but first two years it was in the shadow of older and more popular MySpace site. Significant changes and added features which took place in 2006, made Facebook more and more popular, and over next two years number of users increased rapidly. As of 2008, Facebook announced to have more than 100 million users. In next two years that number increased exponentially to more than 1.1 billion users by the beginning of 2014.

Reason why people hack Facebook accounts

Needles to say, the success of Facebook as social network service draw attention of numerous hackers and exploiters. First Facebook Hack tools were developed in early 2005, but after famous security patch in 2006, nearly two years passed before next successful Facebook Hack tool emerged. With the rising popularity of Facebook social network, demand for working Facebook Hack tool increased too. In those years hackers usually charged between $100 up to $2000 for each successful hack of single Facebook account. Facebook Hack tools were kept in secret as valuable business tools. With the transgression of Facebook as service, these tools started to appear on net for download, first with some small fees included, when finally in the year 2012 we witnessed the appearance of first free, efficient Facebook Hack tool. Why would someone hack Facebook account? There are numerous reasons for using Facebook Hack tool. In several anonymous surveys people were asked to explain their motives for trying to hack Facebook account. Surprisingly, the first and most obvious reason was pure curiosity. While hacking Facebook account is indeed illegal and immoral action, the reason involved are usually of more benign nature. Only around 30% of attempts to hack Facebook account are tied to criminal intent, like fraud attempt, false impersonation, extortion or blackmails.

Most common causes of hacking Facebook accounts: Curiosity

As we said before, first and foremost motive to try and hack Facebook account is simple curiosity. When looking somebody’s Facebook account, a person cannot resist but to ask self what is behind those few photos marked as “public” with many more marked as “friends” or “private”, which are not accessible. Of course, this is not the only reason, but is most common, and most harmless. People who use Facebook Hack tool for this purpose only, usually do no harm to the owner of the account and after few visits they mostly just lose interest in that specific account and turn to other internet activities.

Looking for proof about cheating

The second most common explanation people offered when asked about using Facebook Hack tool is checking on their loved ones for proofs of possible cheating. Since Facebook is social network, its main purpose is communication between people. In this moment, over 75% of complete internet written communication is going through Facebook. It is so easy to meet new people and start a chat with them. Several researches show that Facebook activity is among most probable starts of love affair for people who are using computers on their work or at home. The court in USA is considering, as we speak, possibilities of “cheating over internet” as valid evidence to be accepted in divorce trials. Many people equalize cheating over Facebook (through private conversation, sharing pictures and other private matters) with real life cheating. To gather the evidence which confirm their suspicions, they try to hack Facebook account of their loved ones in order to check activity log, private messages and friend lists. Using Facebook Hack tool in this case is still questionable as it violates privacy and is therefore still illegal, but there are indications that in near future things can change for this case only.

Investigating suspicious behavior

This reason is ranked as third most common reason for trying to hack Facebook accounts, and together with reasons listed above, these three motives are responsible for around 90% of Facebook Hacks. Investigating suspicious behavior in this case excludes looking for proof about cheating. As suspicious behavior people usually regard sudden changes in life habits, temper, sleeping or learning habits, withdrawal from society and many other things. Suspicious behavior of family members, close friends and other loved ones can invoke some disturbing questions: maybe these persons have some personal problems, like drugs, gambling, inadequate friends, bullying at school or harassment at work. Often in these cases, investigating their Facebook accounts can be the key to revealing the reasons for sudden changes. Real life story from Des Moines, Iowa, is about single mother and her son who suddenly started to behave strangely, became lonely and quiet, and even started having nightmares during sleep. He refused to talk to his mother about it, denying having any problems in school or with friends. Worried mother decided to try and hack Facebook account, since she noticed that lately he started to spend more time with computer, especially on Facebook. Luckily, she stumbled upon our Facebook Hack tool and was able to successfully hack her son’s account. What she found in his photos and videos literally terrified her. Her son was molested in school by a bunch of older kids, who even filmed the actual act of harassment. They sent him the video and photos over the Facebook, blackmailing him into giving them money if he wanted to keep them from spreading the photos and video clip all over the net. Mother acted swiftly and contacted the police. The harassers were arrested and are currently waiting for trial. The boy gradually recovered from this trauma. Facebook Hack tool proved to be very helpful in this specific situation, but usually drug or gambling problems can also be discovered by examining someone’s account.

How to use Facebook Hack tool

Using Facebook Hack tool is very simple. Our tool is user friendly and available options are kept to minimum, since this tool is made for use by people who are not real hackers or even computer experts, but ordinary people who need some help with how to hack Facebook account. Before starting Facebook Hack tool, you should open the Facebook page and look for the account you intend to hack. When you open that specific page, select and copy the entire page link from the link window in your browser. After that you should start our Facebook Hack tool. Paste the link from Facebook account into the empty text box and simply click “Hack the account” button. You will see the progress indicator bar. Total time needed to hack Facebook account depends on security measures and password strength, privacy options set for that specific account and additional security measures depending on your local internet provider. After the progress bar is filled 100%, Facebook login information will appear in the empty text box. Information includes email address and password for designated Facebook account. Simply copy or write down this data, go to the Facebook page and enter them. Congratulations, you just hacked desired Facebook account!

Principles of Facebook Hack tool

Of course we cannot describe our Facebook Hack tool in detail, as we would probably just help the Facebook developers to find and repair all the security breaches in their program code. We can, however, explain some basic principles about how to hack Facebook account. Our program uses some old security breaches found and largely exploited in year 2008. You all probably remember the scandal over the leaked passwords and users’ emails back then, which resulted in Facebook network service being shut down for full 24 hours. After fast security update Facebook recovered but some breaches remained. Together with those breaches, our Facebook Hack tool includes no less than 6 different methods and algorithms for discovering user’s password, from simple dictionary method to highly sophisticated decrypting algorithm which collects all known user’s passwords ever used on internet.